Come on and Fly!

Here a special look that I wanted to share with you; a black and white look with golden details. I love wearing refine jewelry (thanks mommy) and mostly yellow gold…I guess the color fits my tan better. Especially with black outfits, gold accessories will level up the look and makes it a bit fancier..not that we want to be fancy. Concerning my black leather boots, I’m totally in love with those! I mean seeeeriously look at those satin ribbons! Who would not fall for these? I also got some black ones, which would create a very cute all black everything looks I believe…

Anyways my boots are from Fly London issued from a collaboration with the Portuguese artist Cristina Rodrigues. The collaboration is called ‘Interstellar’ because Cristina presented an installation ‘Urban Dwellers’ last year in Sevilla where she showed plenty of shoes from Fly London with satin ribbons. I love the story behind this collection, it makes it so interesting – combining art and fashion together. Even better, art and shooooes! :) Also, I love satin details on footwear but I find it difficult to get some really nice ones which the satin does not make it cheap. On these beauty either the black or golden satin ribbons as shoe-laces make them just per-fect!



Sunnies: Vintage

Tee: Zara

Dress: Mango

Bag: Vintage St Laurent

Boots: Fly London with Cristina Rodrigues



Pictures by Valou & Tania



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