• In the mood for minimalism

                                Inspiration Mix Fall is definitely here now and I’m in a minimalist mood. Of course any checked clothes are so trendy now and it remind me the famous “back to school”, especially with skirts and long socks. I would say, wear black, white and gray but also colored and checked patterns for this autumn. I love wearing the basics (colors and cut) and then mixing the materials or shades. It’s also the time to get back our faux furs or vintage one and  just wearing them with leather leggins and moccasins. I am looking forward to…

  • Welcome

    HELLO! I have just started to create my own Fashion Blog. I’m a student from Switzerland and have this passion for blogging and sharing my love for fashion. I decided to show my readers my style’s evolution through this blog and some inspirations and for sure events that will happen in my life. I hope you will enjoy reading and discovering my world through the blog!