Chic with glasses

Here we are facing the reality, I’m wearing glasses most of the time. I suddenly had to after attending university, so, I wondered myself what kind of glasses should I take. Glasses now, are way more than just helping us seeing quite well, they’re part of our style, they represent an identity and make a statement. Here, I present you my special ones. These are pretty amazing, plus, I bought the Yves St. Laurent frame in Emmaüs, which is a community where you can find second-hand furnitures, clothes, books etc. So, I replaced the old glasses with my medicals one! I love secondhand shops/trades or flea markets, because I love searching for this special thing, for vintage or pieces with an history behind. It makes the object even more special and different!

For the rest, a pretty chic look, but still, with ripped jeans to mark the contrast. Never too chic, keep a grunge’s inspiration or something. For this winter I like wearing a kinda formal shirt with a large and comfy knitwear above it, again, it breaks the serious aspect of the shirt.
Enjoy and wish you all a wonderful day! :)

Glasses: Yves St. Laurent bought in Emmaüs
Clutch Bag: Vintage one bought in Emmaüs
Shirt: H&M
Knitwear: Caroll Paris
Jeans: Topshop
Coat: Zara
Pumps: Zara
Rings: Mix of vintage ones and Avinasjewelry


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