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Un voyage à Bordeaux Aux Sources de Caudalie

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  It has been a while that I have not been to a spa as splendid as Les Sources de Caudalie. Located in the countryside of Bordeaux you will fell in love with this place. Let me draw you the picture; drive 15 minutes away south from the city center of Bordeaux, and you will enter a magical scenery full of vineyards and castles. The region of Bordeaux (Gironde) is famous for their red wine. Almost every wine estate possesses …

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Took off to NYC one year ago

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I have not really shared more of my voyage in New York, I guess I wanted to keep it for myself. My Instagram feed also changed a bit and I was mostly working or discovering the city, then the blog was not a priority anymore. 14.05.17 was a decisive date for me, that was the day I took off for my internship in New York. Or in other words my dream internship in my dream city. Indeed, I was going …

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Côté make-up & skin care

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It’s been a long time since I have posted. For those who don’t know I’ve recently started videos more and more – let’s be honest here, it’s difficult but so interesting to explore! I love it while hating it at the same time – it’s like directing the mini vision you have in your head and turn it into reality – however editing take quite some time. Anyways, I am learning and I will keep on doing so as well as …

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Two fall obsessions

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OMG! I have been super duper busy, and it’s not over at all! I mean it is great! I only had 4 days of post-New York depression. No! I’m kidding, but you know this feeling when you come back from holidays and get back to your routine and then you’re missing your holiday-life, now you see what I mean, right? So, since I just moved in with Forti and we got our dream apartment in the best neighborhood in Zürich, I’ve …

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Came back with a new color

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Is color the new makeup? That’s what I’ve heard! So, I got back from NYC and here I am back to my student life in between Zürich, Lucerne, and Lausanne. However, this time I do have purple slash pinkish hair! Yes, I did it! Hairdressers always told me that my hair is too dark to dye or even worse to bleach. If I would do it, I would highly damage them. I did an ombre six years ago, back when …

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Two weeks left

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  I cannot believe it, or maybe I don’t want to believe it! I have two weeks left in NYC…what a drama! I don’t feel like leaving at all. Work is great, the team is amazing, the city has still so many places to be explored, and of course my friends here. I know.. what a bitch! Nooo, don’t get me wrong here, I’m happy to go back to my family friends and love Forti, as well as to be back …

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Brooklyn without Coney wouldn’t be Brooklyn

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If you feel like New York is not really Merica, go to Coney Island and you’ll see. Coney Island is located in Brooklyn by the sea where the attractions of the amusement park offer the best view of the beach and the city skyline. Coney Island is the place where Brooklynite would go on weekends to enjoy some hot dogs and roller coasters. Speaking of roller coasters, the ‘Cyclone’ which first opened in 1927 is still working…and believe me I’ve …

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Come on and Fly!

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Here a special look that I wanted to share with you; a black and white look with golden details. I love wearing refine jewelry (thanks mommy) and mostly yellow gold…I guess the color fits my tan better. Especially with black outfits, gold accessories will level up the look and makes it a bit fancier..not that we want to be fancy. Concerning my black leather boots, I’m totally in love with those! I mean seeeeriously look at those satin ribbons! Who would not …

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Does magic only happen during the night?

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New York City might not be the City of Lights, but to me it is! Well, let me explain it to you. New York is an amazing and large metropolis famous for its energy and vibes that would bring you anywhere amongst many other things, but the big apple by night is definitely something else. It all starts by those burning evenings when the sun slides itself in between the big allées of skyscrapers, gets so hot onto your layers and bedazzles …

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Here is a black everything look (except for the bag) with really exciting and interesting pieces. Let’s start, from head to toes. I received this super lovely hat from A Lack of Color, for those who don’t about this brand, it is a quite famous Aussie label who creates beautiful hats. A mixture of light bohemian vibes and inspirations from the Seventies.. their hats are the Bomb! I picked this black one (I hope you know me by now) probably because …