Love Vintage!


This is a special post today, cause once again I’m wearing a vintage piece. As you may know or not, I love vintage, flea markets and thrift shops. There, you can find some amazing things, which by things I mean, piece of clothes, bags, accessories and also objects, pictures, paintings etc… I love vintage stuff cause most of the time you will find a story behind the article!
So, I didn’t get my cape from one of those places to shop, but even cooler, that one used to belong to my grand auntie! It’s a vintage rabbit fur cape and I love it! I find amazing how certain piece can last for ever!
Usually, I don’t like shoulder pads very much, but, on this cape I think it is needed, in order to get the right drape of the fur. Plus, that one makes the outfit pretty chic, right?
Have you all a wonderful day and enjoy! :)
Cape: Vintage (Similar Here)
Dress: Zara
Boots: Zara
Rings: Mix of vintage ones

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