Just Before the Snow


The shooting happened just before Christmas! Just before that the huge amount of snow fell all over little Switzerland! At least, you can see some snow on the top of the mountains! :)
It is a special outfit, cause I am wearing my goat hair boots, which used to belong to my mum! She wore them ages ago! She told me, back in a day, she wanted them so bad that she constantly asked my grand mother, who finally bought them! I am so glad, because I actually love those!!! Really special, with a little story behind and so comfy that make them perfect for this winter time!
Anyways, a cosy and fluffy look for the first outfit of the year! Looking forward to share more of these! Lemmy is again on one of the picture! Enjoy and have a wonderful day! :)

Knitwear: BrandyMelville
Coat: Fizzen
Skirt: Zara
Bag: Lancel
Boots: Vintage Kandhar (similar here)


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