The Mountain Look

Today I wanted to present you another look featuring Gant. I chose this duffle coat, cause it’s winter time and I simply adore it! I love the colors and the tartan print on it! It’s kind of a mountain and sporty ensemble, but still pretty chic.  I wanted to keep it classic in order to stay in the ideas of Gant with my touch.

We shot the outfit while walking around Davos. I didn’t want to stay in the middle of the city, I really wanted to be surrounded by a natural atmosphere. Laid back classy was my motto when I styled the look. Plus, as I promised myself to try other haircuts, I made a ponytail, which makes the whole a little bit lighter. Also, my hair combed like this highlights the shirt’s collar and the hood of the coat!
Wish you all a wonderful day guys! :)

Sunnies: Retrosuperfuture
Shirt: H&M
Fluffy Sweater: Caroll 
Duffle Coat: Gant
Jeans: Zara
Boots: Zara
Bag: old Maronie bought in a flea market



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