Shopping and Shooting at Fashion Fish Outlet

Do you know that we have a few outlets in Switzerland? I actually know two, one in the region from Lausanne, in Aubonne, and the other one in the canton of Aarau, more precisely in Schönenwerd. Something that makes the outlet in Aarau, Fashion Fish, special is that the Swiss shoemaker Bally comes from Schönenwerd. I love Bally. I know the brand from my mother. My first designer shoes were from Bally, some vintage ones. I still wear them and love them so much. The outlet offers many boutiques, including a very spacious one from Bally.

So, when I got invited by the outlet on a Saturday for a shopping and shooting afternoon, I could not be happier. All of us (bloggers) received a voucher in order to shop in the store. Could you imagine this? An amount of money given to you, to shop your favorite pieces?! Yes, this is what happened, and you know the story, I could not help myself, I had to go to Bally. ;)

So, this is what happened, I wanted to discover the different brands in the outlet, and finish in Bally. I knew that I would find some pretty things there. I found lovely articles, from Bally; a bag, a wallet, and some pumps. I also got a warm and comfy  Hallhuber turtleneck. After spending so much time in Bally figuring out what incredible pieces to take, I got the chance to shoot with Amanda Nikolic. It was so much fun. She really gets your personality and makes you feel comfortable even though a bunch of other bloggers and staff are looking around. What a Saturday slash shopping slash shooting afternoon! ;)


Turtleneck: Hallhuber  from Fashion Fish

Bag: Bally  from Fashion Fish

Jean: BDG 

Shoes: Bally  from Fashion Fish

Pictures by Amanda Nikolic



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