Converse for casual!

I’ve just landed in one of the most amazing city, which is New York City and I hope that I’ll share some  NYFW’s Posts with you guys, but for now, let’s talk about casual’s outfit. The sun was back in Lausanne few days ago, which was the perfect occasion for wearing my cosy skirt from BrandyMelville. The cut is perfect and I am just feeling great whenever I’m wearing some BrandyMelville’s clothes! It has been a while that I’m wearing mostly different pairs of sneakers. I’ll just call it my “sneakers’ mood”, which is for me, some chill and comfortable outfit, but it doesn’t mean that I’m less feminine than usual! The sunnies are some SUPER and I couldn’t resist when I saw them! Just love the model and I guess the originality! I bought the bag in New York one year ago and it’s one of my favourite, love the NYC’s map! Anyway, I’m going to grab some food for dinner! :)
Top: Sandro
Sunnies: Retrosuperfuture
Necklace: H&M
Skirt: BrandyMelville
Tote bag: Urban Cricket
Sneakers: Converse


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