Bare legs don’t care

The weather in Switzerland is changing so much even during the day, from ten to twenty degrees celsius in a few hours. It has been difficult to know what to wear. It could be sunny out there and one hour later, the clouds has replaced the blue sky, and the day is turning in a pouring day.
So that day was a pretty good day, sunny enough to show off my bare legs, but not that warm though. I really need to get some tan, my skin is way too white after a long winter…ahahah
Wearing some cute little socks with a pair, again, of Vagabond. Just in love with their shoes! Cannot get rid of them!
Sweater: Sandro
Skirt: Zara
Cardigan: Suit
Backpack: Vintage Lancel
Socks: COS
Platforms: Vagabond



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