Beige in SoHo


Do you know how spontaneous I am? I hate planning. I still try to organize myself a minimum, otherwise nothing would work out, but I need to feel free. I need to travel freely. And I need to keep my mind free in order to be open enough to any situation. I am a very spontaneous person and I am always craving for new adventures or discoveries. 

That improvised shooting happened during our second day in New York. We woke up in an unfamiliar snowy Brooklyn. The brownstones, those famous brown and brick houses typical from Brooklyn were brought out in the white landscape. Of course it was freezing and it was obvious for me to wear my winter boots. I brought my IKKIIs because I knew the weather would be quite hardcore… ahaha. Anyway, I felt so good wearing them while leaving for the city. However, I did not expect the weather to become so beautiful later one, that the snow would melt and the sun would come out. While running errand in my favorite neighborhood, SoHo, in Manhattan, I felt stopping by this corner and shoot what I was wearing, even though, I was literally dying of heat with the boots. After taking a few pictures we continued our little walk with the sun. I did not plan any location or outfit for this shooting. 


Turtleneck: 31Philipp Lim

Scarf: From Nepal

Coat: Vintage Kaliko

Skinny Jeans: Rag & Bone

Boots: IKKII


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