What nonsense Resolutions?!

Okay second Monday of the year, but let’s be honest, last Monday was a holiday and I felt like it was more than okay to chill. I hope you all started 2k17 very well, and that you feel fresher than ever. What about resolutions – who has ever realized one of his or her New Year bullshit resolution? Not me…hehe. I don’t really believe in resolutions, even though I think that patterns could really fix me up. Not that I need to get fixed, ahaha, but could help from time to time. I am a proactive doer, as well as I love to hang out. My biggest problem probably is my flexibility – no, not in term of turning my body in the weirdest positions, maybe I do that as well, but in term of spontaneity. I am the worst at planning even though I try so much with the blog. I had to get myself organized because of blogging, which is a good for me. The only thing is I am so spontaneous and motivated that I would go for it – anything that would thrive me, and not think of what I should have done instead. I see spontaneity as a positive aspect of my personality, but it can also be quite tricky.

One of my “resolutions” if I may call it like this would be to work out on a more regular basis. I like jogging and I love yoga, Bikram, Hata, and Vinyasa. The tiny issue is that I have classes at the university every weekday, and events not (in Lucerne) at least one or twice a week. So when exactly do I find time to work out between uni projects, the blog and the events in whole Switzerland? I know righhhhht! That’s my biggest problem; time. I wish days could last 72hours instead. I don’t know if I would find more time, but I like to think I would.

Another one would be to spend time with my family and my closest friends more often. As I study in Lucerne and travel all the time, I don’t even spend much time back in Lausanne. I guess that our ritual sushi dinner with the girls in Lausanne is one good way to keep up with the news. I am always connected but there is nothing like actually spending time in real live with friends.

I also want to learn how to disconnect more. I do it sometimes with the flight mode on my phone. It helps to literally enjoy the moment and doing the most. I value when people are fully here in the present moment and “don’t check their phone every two minutes over dinner”. First, it is impolite, and second, it is really impolite. I don’t like when someone is talking to me and suddenly this person does not give any signs of human life, cause he or she is texting. I always try to not check my phone when I would considerate it inappropriate. Don’t worry, events and so on won’t stop, but I actually can disconnect, believe it or not ;).

I want to keep up with the dreams. Dreaming is important, as much as working for it. I can dream but believing in myself is the key. I want to try out new things, experiences and so on… We’ll see about that ;).

Finally, I need to focus on what is really important to me and maybe stop pleasing everybody else. Do less, but better with passion and by according the time required. I guess that would be the final point of this nonsense resolution mood.



Headwear: Vintage from Samuel Kürschnerei 

Down Jacket: Mango

Kimono Top: Topshop

Jeans: Monki

Sneakers: Adidas

Pictures by Fortunat Lüthi




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