Pink in the Cigar Lounge

Still updating some posts from my stay at the beautiful Royal Savoy in Lausanne. We shot the look in the cigar lounge of the hotel. I know what you might think…Is she really smoking cigars?  To be honest, we just made the shooting there, because the room is quite nice with a good lightning. To be honest I don’t smoke. I tried once some Davidoff cigars, and at my biggest surprise enjoyed it. I believe that it was the n°2, I think it is one of their most popular cigars. 

I wore this outfit for the dinner at the Brasserie Royal. I love matching pink and black together. I have never been that fond of mid heels. I always connected them to old ladies’ outfits. There is nothing negative in the previous sentence, but I could not picture myself wearing some. Then, I guess I grew up, a bit, got inspired by some of my fashion icons, such as Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen and many others wearing these kinds of heels. And I get to like them a lot. Plus, these beauties are Manolos so how can I not love them? Black, simple and elegant, all you need to perfect an outfit. 


Dress: COS

Necklace: Loveis

Watch: Ice-Watch

Rings: Vintage

Socks: Topshop

Mid Heels: Manolo Blahnik

Pictures by Fortunat Lüthi

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