À La Fourchette: Basel

You know how much I love pretty and authentic coffee shops and bars. This is an important thing to me. My friends keep asking me more and more about nice places to go for having brunch or lunch in different Swiss cities. If I am travelling I never go to tourist traps. This is the kind of things that I hate, I rather go away from the plotted trails. I just hate those restaurants with no comfiness, no personality, and normal or boring food. If the word “cute” does not come out of my mouth when I am entering or ready to enter in a restaurant, and this is an unknown place to me, then it probably means that I am not so convinced. On the other hand, a lovely eating house will push me to say thousand times that the atmosphere, the decoration, and the dishes are cute and hopefully the food is good. Also, I will not stop taking pictures. I am sorry for those who lived situations like I just described. 

La Fourchette is a super joyful restaurant where you can have breakfast, brunch, lunch, coffee etc. It is located in Basel, precisely in Klein Basel. The interior design is exactly the one of kind that I am fond of. Different dishes from flea markets to designers. The ambiance is just so friendly and you literally feel like at home. Plus, the food is super good with South and Mediterranean specialties. Homemade hummus and other tasty recipes will make your day!

La Fourchette, Klybeckstrasse 122, 4057 Basel


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