Nepal – Never End Peace And Love

Outfit: Crop Top from Nepal / H&M Jeans / Bag from Pokhara / Birkenstock
Busy by night, Dubar Square, is one of the UNESCO World Heritages Sites. It is a pretty big square with old, but sumptuous palaces, which are surrounded by temples for ages. It is really impressive, but as a tourist you will be charged way too much, just to cross it. As an advice, if you look asian, just took another path – not from the touristic street, which brings you to the Square – and then, you will enter without paying anything ;). The shoot was difficult enough, between the number of people and children coming next to you and watching what you’re doing, the poor lights, and the terrible noise from the local market. That was an experience, but as usual, a great one! Few days before, while shopping in Pokhara, I was glad to find this kind of bag and to bring some back with me. The slogan of them “Save Nature” fits perfectly with what we taught back in Lamjung.  Furthermore, I couldn’t resist buying this nepali-style crop top! And my dear Birkenstock, how could I ever think not having them anymore? So comfy and just perfect to travel or to live up in a hill in Nepal. I have been wearing them everyday and this was definitely the best buy ever!


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