Meet the luxurious Blue Lemon

The Swiss Brand – Blue Lemon Intimates  

Outfit: Blue
 Dressing Gown / Bally Pumps
All pictures by Fortunat Lüthi
Last November, while the well-known Mercedes-Benz Fashion
Days, (you might have seen the precedent post), I had the
great opportunity to stay at the beautiful Hotel Storchen
in Zürich, which by the way, you will be hearing of it pretty soon!  As you may
have seen, I am not dressing up as usual. I got an amazing sleeping dress
from Blue Lemon! And I am so happy about it!!! I wanted it to stay classic in the Savoir-vivre’ spirit of the Storchen Hotel, and I think the chic and lace nightdress coincides perfectly with the traditional elegance of the hotel room. Blue Lemon is a
Swiss Family-owned business, since 1997. The brand uses only premium
materials and I can certify that this is the most comfortable sleeping
dress that I have ever worn. It seems like another skin! Comfy, classy and
laid back luxury it has it all and I love it! I felt great wearing a
beautiful dressing gown. Also, I think that every woman should spend the
night in a comfy pyjama and feel happy about it, and particularly, about
herself. The design of the dress is very classic, but still, with details
and lace, which make it very glamorous and chic, isn’t it? ;) 
Furthermore, the fabric
used is called; micromodal,… I know you never heard of it before and neither do I. So, I will tell you what it is… Micromodal is an extra fine fiber, which makes textiles even lighter. I guess I was pretty right when I was talking about the second
skin earlier…ihihi! It is a pleasure to wear this nightie and it should
be like this! I mean, I would love staying in this elegant dress all day,
yes, I mean, just wearing my pyjama all day! Enjoy and have a wonderful day! :)

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