Enter SPA Nescens in Interlaken

As you probably have seen on my Instagram account, I had the chance to stay at the beautiful Victoria-Jungfrau Hotel in Interlaken. It was definitely one of my best experience I had ever lived while traveling. Swiss hospitality is very renamed but as Swiss, we sometimes miss the opportunity to experience it and mostly travel abroad.  It does sound a bit sad because Switzerland has so many landscapes, diversity, and incredible sceneries to offer, from the Mediteraeane feeling in Tessin to the Alps and their ski resorts passing through the beautiful cities and lakes. To prove my point, I have been traveling quite a lot around Swiss cantons and it was the first time I ever visited the famous city of Interlaken. Asian countries are aware of Interlaken – a must visit in Switzerland. They usually go from Lucerne to Interlaken in order to observe the impressive Jungfrau peak from Interlaken and then go up on the mountain.

Lucky enough to be able to visit Interlaken, I could even enjoy some time at the spa. The Victoria-Jungfrau hotel offers the incredible NESCENS SPA – also present at La Réserve Hotels. Funny fact – I did no know that in the past the hotel was actually two different hotels; the Victoria and the Jungfrau hotel. They merged them together and created an amazing hotel and very impressive lobby which was initially the street separating them (see above). Crazy, right?

The spa area of the hotel is also surprising – we were staying in a suite above the NESCENS spa itself, and this was literally the best. No need to stress out (we’re here to relax remember?) just put your bathrobe on and go down the stairs (first picture under). How great is this? No need to feel awkward in your bathrobe during the walk to get to the spa ^^. If you feel like it, just jump into the beautiful pool in the morning right after getting up – probably the best idea to start the day. The suite was amazing with a very spacious space offering a king size bed even including a tea corner to savor in between the spa and relaxing treatments. The bathroom has reached the limit and has set my new “bathroom goal” – modern, roomy and comfortable. 

I had the chance to get a better-aging massage after a sporting session – you probably saw it on my Instagram stories ;). Adding to that I got a pampering treatment with NESCENS and experienced its better-aging signature face massage. It was so relaxing, refreshing and hydrated my skin that I felt fully recharged (my batteries). I am constantly under workload and stress by commuting from city to city and meet my deadline, for the university and the blog. I dot it with passion and love it, but trains and traveling that often can seriously be tiring. Therefore, the hour spent at the NESCENS spa was one of the best moment I could hope for. I wish I could have stayed and even slept for hours – at least a nap ;). Right after the facial, we had a very healthy and light (better-aging) lunch at the spa bistro.  The spa offers body analyses and nutrition consultation in order to provide the best and adequate treatments including massages, sporting coaching, and food orientation for every client. 



Bathrobe from the Victoria-Jungfrau Hotel

Swimwear: ASOS one piece

Pictures by Fortunat Lüthi







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