• Back to Dumbo

      If you are visiting New York or even living in the city you should definitely go over bridges and take off to Brooklyn. To be honest I don’t know the Bronx. I know that Astoria, in Queens, is very hype but I have not hung out there that often. Something that I can assure you is that Brooklyn is a great borough. Manhattan is incredible in the way that neighborhoods have their own heritage and personality following the blocs. Brooklyn is just as great as Manhattan or even better. So many different communities live in in this part of the city. Williamsburg is until now, one of the most…

  • Walking in Dumbo

    While my friend Gaz and I were hanging out in the neighborhood of Dumbo, in Brooklyn,  he just shooted me in front of the Manhattan bridge, even though the power and strength of the wind. We were literally freezing and my outfit wasn’t appropriate for this weather at all. Anyway, we went for a drink in a nice bar. I just love this headband from American Apparel ♥_♥ ! Outfit: Headband: American Apparel Leather Jacket: Urban Outfitters Tee: Zara Bag: BrandyMelville Short: Topshop Socks: Hollister Wedges: Jeffrey Campbell