• Two fall obsessions

    OMG! I have been super duper busy, and it’s not over at all! I mean it is great! I only had 4 days of post-New York depression. No! I’m kidding, but you know this feeling when you come back from holidays and get back to your routine and then you’re missing your holiday-life, now you see what I mean, right? So, since I just moved in with Forti and we got our dream apartment in the best neighborhood in Zürich, I’ve been busy with the blog slash videos, the move, university stuff (or mostly commuting time) and keep on being social (at least a bit ;) haha). As I love love…

  • Black & White

    Hanging out with my Chaaaaarlie in Lausanne, walking around flea market, finding some nice pieces, eating at McDonald(as usual, something that we have to change by the way) and then being at a Hip Hop contest. Sounds like a perfect Sunday. Outfit: Beanie: American Apparel Sweat & Leggings: Zara Tank: H&M Derbies: Jeffrey Campbell Bag: Vintage