• Those white Adidas

      So, as usual my friend Valou and I were together and we cannot control ourselves when it comes to shopping. We saw those beautiful and different from the well-known Stan Smith or Superstar models and we fell immediately for these ones! I mean, how could you not? Platform, white and pointed, all the need for making me happy! Most of my friends don’t like sharp shoes, but I keep telling them that it helps for pretending to have longer legs…ahaha.   We shoot these pictures while visiting Ronda in Spain, two weeks ago. It is such a radiant and ancient city with a famous bullring, called Plaza de Toros. The…

  • Retro Shorts

    I love mixing different cuts, materials and styles in one outfit! Here I am with one look composed by retro and old shorts bought in a cute boutique selling vintage clothes and accessories, in Lausanne! Add to these light shorts, the purple sweat is more convenient for cold temperatures, which was perfect, for those last few days in Switzerland. Its heaviness has nothing to do with the finesse of the shorts, but that’s what I like! I loved wearing both together, plus, my platforms are more edgy and inspire another style. Outfit: Sunnies: Retrosuperfuture Sweat: BrandyMelville Shorts: Vintage one from Chabadavintage Bag: Vintage Gucci Platfroms: Dioon Vagabond