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Outfit: Red Sari from Nepal
Namaste! As you may know, I’ve just came back from my trip to Nepal. It was an amazing and unforgettable experience! I spent the last month teaching english in a secondary school, in the district of Lamjung. Despite the Culture Shock; living in a small village up on a hill, not so much electricity, away from a big city and surrounded by rice fields and animals (including goats, buffaloes and monkeys hihih), I had such a great time and would never forget what I lived and the people I met!!! The students were adorable, with such big hearts and teaching them was fantastic! It reminded me how a simple life can make you really happy! The children there, are not spoiled as we are here in the Western World, they work a lot and live a simple and happy life!
At the occasion of the Teej Festival, which is a Women Festival (celebrating their husband..), my beloved host’s mother lent me one of her beautiful Sari. I am so thankful! The way she wrapped me in a few minutes was crazy! It’s just a straight length of cloth, but still, one beautiful piece of textile and so elegant! I was so in fond of the cute and tiny blouse that the women were under their sari, that I chose a similar pattern and made one by a tailor! The necklace is worn by Nepali women after they got married, and usually wear it for special occasion. In that case, Auntie lent me hers – sumptuous one in gold, for the shoot! My friends made fun of me, saying that I definitely look like a Nepali wearing Sari! :) I’m really glad that I discovered this festival, their typical musics, and I even tried their traditional dances as well! Enjoy :)

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