Ohla Devocìon


New York is also one of my favorite city for its coffee places and restaurants. I used to love Williamsburg so much, I still do but in a different way.  The city changes so much and quickly that sometimes some memories of a neighborhood that you had are not the same anymore when you get back there. It is what happened with Williamsburg. Back in 2011, I was totally in love with this quarter. Small coffee shops, bars, boutiques and vintage stores. Artists were showing off their arts or sculptures on the street and the atmosphere was cheerful and chill out. In 2013, I noticed a soft difference, more tourists were heading to Williamsburg, prices went higher and bigger brands were opening their store in Willi. When you think about it, it is totally logical. It takes only three stops to get there from 14St Union Square with the subway. There is an amazing energy with authentic lovely and local markets and an incredible view on Manhattan and its skyline. Williamsburg had to change! It is the perfect location to live in the city. But somehow, this year I felt like it was not anymore. I mean I still love the area and all the local or special addresses for hanging out or working, such as Devocìon or Juliette, but in general the life changed a bit. It is not as bad as it seems, but I was so pissed off when I could not find Beacon’s Closet anymore, but I was glad to have an excellent brunch at the Reynard restaurant in the recent Wythe Hotel. Now the locations and renting went so high because the neighborhood is so hyped that young people and artists had to migrate to Bushwick or GreenPoint, even though, these are becoming more and more expensive as well. We call that phenomena “gentrification”. 

Anyway, Devocìon was one of my new greatest discovery. Thanks to Forti we went there for enjoying a good coffee and cappuccino when it was freezing cold outside. The place was a little hiding bubble. You cannot really see through, so you would never expect this amazing vegetal slash flowers wall! I loved it! The coffee was really good, but unfortunately I have not tried any sweet donut or chocolate cake since we had just finished our lunch. You could stay there for hours. There is only a big window well above the sitting area and it gives the perfect light. I could not dream of a better place to chill. So if you are going to Williamsburg soon make sure to stop by Devocìon you will adore it! 

69 Grand St, Brooklyn, NY 11249, USA


Sunnies: RetroSuperFuture

Coat: Fay

Bomber: Vintage

Knitted: Diesel SS16

Watch: DKNY from Fossil

Trousers: Rag & Bone

Booties: Zara

Bag: Longchamp

Pictures by Fortunat Lüthi


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