Snow Isn’t Gone Yet


Nothing better than spending a sunny weekend in the Swiss Alps. I feel that my article fits perfectly the weather of this week. It is the end of April and it is freezing cold outside. I know that April is always capricious, but now we are talking about snow. It is insane! Anyways, if you are not into skiing (during the season) as many friends of mine, why not enjoying hot spring, such as in Leukerbad? It is the perfect situation. Fresh temperatures are holding snow in the mountains, which offers an amazing landscape with the sun and the thermal baths are not too hot anymore. It is the perfect combo, and you know why? Because you even got to tan! :) 



Sunnies: RetroSuperFuture

T-Shirt: La Picolla TShirteria

Cardigan: H&M

Jeans: TopShop

Bag: Stedeljik Museum

Shoes: Zara






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