BaselWorld Impression

Architecture of the Building

BaselWorld is like a little world inside of the Swiss city of Basel. Indeed, this little world, as I said, is actually pretty international and multicultural. This is maybe why the fair is so particular in little Switzerland. Naturally, we are in the country of the savoir-faire when it comes to the watch industry and it would be totally silly if the biggest and worldwide watch and jewelry fair would not happen in Switzerland. Anyway, Baselworld is a lot of watches and precious designed accessories, people and different nationalities, some celebrities, and stress. Yes, stress. The fair is full of amazing and huge pavilions, some have geometric forms, a lot of shiny lightening at the Italian ones, and most of them are very private. It is big and so are the pavilions. When I mention the stress it has to do with the fact that jumping from one meeting to another by walking from pavilion to pavilion in the crowd with heels is actually stressful, but I am not complaining. There is nothing better than discovering each inside world of the houses. Each watch Maison has its own heritage and personality and so are their ideas for their stand. It is always impressive to enter in a stand, it seems like entering a new world every time. The pavilions usually offer the same to their visitors: drinks and canapés at their lounge and/or bar, and conference rooms for discovering and if you are lucky trying the new watches collections in private. When your day at the fair is done, or almost, you continue whether on a stand for a special cocktail or you go out for dinner before heading to BaselWorld village at the restaurant and bar and/or club Aqua. And don’t forget to sleep to get back on track for the following day! That is the maggie of BaselWorld!

Swarovski Pavilion Wall

BaselWorld Flowers – Always the same ;)

I had to show you these cool Fendi watch (Karlito we all love you!)

Hermès Beautiful Pavilion 


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