My secret skin care

How should I start? Yes, I have read correctly, the name of my cream is called, skin caviar  luxe cream from La Prairie. Okay, this must be (once again), a marketing strategy. It is obvious, I know it because I love marketing. Furthermore, I do not like eating caviar, I do not like its taste and texture, and no sir I am not posh. I tried and dislike this fancy comestible product, and the name does not make provoke any glamorous thing. So, when I have heard for the first time that a luxurious brand uses some caviar in their skin cream I could not believe it. I thought first, they use it as an argument in order to justify the high price, but seriously, I was wrong. I know now that I was. La Prairie skin moisture is actually a pearl! Even my mum tested it and admitted it. I swear it is real! It hydrates your skin as you wish it would. All of sudden, the wrinkles seem to disappear slowly and your skin starts glowing. I had to come to the conclusion that I still love Marketing and even though we all know how they exaggerate, I totally trust them concerning products from La Prairie. I can promise that La Prairie skin caviar luxe cream has a great impact on the skin. Imagine, my mum, super sceptic about any of these fancy products, but when it comes to La Prairie she will stand for it until the last drop of the pot. And I feel just the same. Next to the amazing daily cream, I also use from La Prairie the best and incredible makeup foundation I could ever wish for. 

To be honest, the price is high, and I am still a student after all, but investing in such a good cream will change your daily routine. The quality answers to the expectation from a Swiss made luxury brand such as La Prairie. I feel fresh and young, hopefully, I am, hahaha but my mum confirmed. The Skin Caviar Luxe Cream is unfortunately over… Yes ran out of it and used it until the end, but the Skin Caviar Concealer and Foundation is still on track and just amazing! I have had always issues finding the perfect makeup foundation tan and thanks to La Prairie I have a perfect and adapted one. If I have to invest in some good cosmetic products I would go for the Skin Caviar Concealer and Foundation, my mum would rather go with the Skin Caviar Luxe Cream. Anyway, by trying theses, I have to confess that the high pricing from the Swiss company is justified by its benefits and greatness. :)


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