Blue Denim


I have already shared this outfit or some of the accessories on Instagram, but it was important to me to talk about it on the blog. I am wearing some of my favorite pieces. I am fond of my customized Diesel jacket. We had this cool event maybe two months at the shop in Zürich and the coolest thing about Diesel’s events, except the awesome team and their beautiful collection, is that there is always something to create! That time I could choose a piece of denim from this spring/summer collection and add some nails or patches. I was searching for a vintage denim jacket but haven’t found one yet, so when I saw the patches that Diesel was offering and this light denim effect bomber jacket, it was crystal clear that I had to design my wanna-be-vintage denim bomber jacket. And so I did. In addition to this jacket, I am wearing my Superga platform. I was so happy when I saw them in P25, in Lucerne. I called it the store with the crazy cool window-shopping, they always creates some lovely atmosphere. Anyways, I wanted them, I tried them, and bought them. Simple, and efficient. But wait, these are quite heavy. You need to get used to the weight first. I love them and they totally are my summer shoes, even though, they are not so easy to walk with at the first time. The platform is the heavy one and not flexible at all…ahahah So the first feeling was weird. But nevermind, I love them, now I am used to this special sole and they fit any summerish outfits! 


Bomber Jacket: Diesel

Tee: LaPiccolatshirteria

Skirt: TopShop

Bag: Vintage Saint Laurent

Platform: Superga






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