Have you ever asked you the impact that you have in life and on other lives? I guess not so many of you, and before blogging, I certainly hadn’t realized it either. While growing up with the blog I did remark something: everyone is constantly inspiring and influencing others and that is what I love. I should say, thank you Internet as well, but that’s another story. I love being inspired by anything, from art, to street or magazines – not only fashion ones, from friends from epochs or traditions. In this gigantic world, there is me, mini-me, creating my little bubble of style and lifestyle in the hope of triggering some new ideas or motivations for you guys. 

Also, I believe that you have to feel free, feel yourself, and feel good in other to embolden not only your entourage but yourself as well. There are no rules and don’t put you in a mold. Be you and embrace life. An advice that I have always told myself, don’t give up. I am maybe pro-active and always travel in between Swiss cities, even though I literally sleep the whole day in other to catch up my sleep, but working hard will bring you so much higher that where you already are. Motivation, creativity, and inspiration are great qualities to push your limits. Mini-me and mini-you in our big and connected world inspire much more than we expect!


Sunnies: Dolce&Gabbana

T-Shirt: COS

Dress: Mango

Loafers – Mocassins: Zara

Pictures by Valou

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