It’s Tea Time

Okay so tomorrow Forti is turning 25 years old, and if he was a girl I would have probably added something to my plan – heading over to Berlin. By something I mean: if we would have taken off from Geneva, I would have organized a quick stop by L’Hôtel d’Angleterre. If you enjoy sweet and salty pastries accompanied with a warm or cold tea, which brings an oriental – or any kind of scents, this is definitely where you need to go. The pretty hotel is located on Geneva’s quai and offers (all day) the possibility to savour an afternoon tea. If it is sunny as today you can even get it take away with a homemade iced-tea and chill out by Geneva lake. On the menu for one person you get – I can promise you, enough food for two: so some scones with clotted cream and jam, some sandwiches – crazy good with salmon and chicken), macarons, Pana cotta, brownie and so much more. All more delicate than the others. If you have been watching the Londoner tv show, Made in Chelsea, you know what I am talking about ;).

The dining room is so elegant, I love its interior design. You might think that is it a bit charged. My dear, it is a luxurious English hotel, and the style has to follow the traditions. The elegance remains and I fell under the charm of the silverware. I love searching for lovely and special silver plate in Brocante and flea markets, so you can imagine how excited I was. 

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