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Okay, so this editorial came out so well. I love it, and I am proud of my daddy who took the pictures. Basically is it the location where my family and I go when we want to wash our cars. I know, it might be weird, but the end result is pretty good, right?

First, for this season I totally got addicted to fishnets tights.. ops for a long time I thought it was a bit vulgar, but I actually love them and my perception has changed (hopefully ;)). Plus, for once it was sunny, but as you may know, November in Switzerland is pretty cold, sad, and boring. So bring some colors to pop up those gloomy days. This Diesel Black Gold Sweater is a gold mine: warm, colorful and the cut is amazing. The over-long sleeves are to die for! The shape gives to your body a geometric body, in a very good way. I love it! In addition to the fishnet trend, down jackets are back for this Autumn and Winter and it feels great. I almost forgot how warm those jackets are. It is so cute to wear these kinds of a fluffy jacket with skinny trousers, large culottes or skirts. They are a bunch of large stores nowadays so go get one they are perfect for the season.



Down Jacket: Mango

Sweater: Diesel Black Gold

Skinny Trousers: Maje

Tights: Avant-Première

Shoes: Zara



Pictures by Tuan Quan

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