• Wear Confidence!

      I have been blogging for a while and some people think that they can say if a look is or is not a fashion “faux pas”. I just find it stupid. Who exactly are you to say that? I believe that style is part of personality and it gets shaped with trends, experiences and years, just by living. I think you need to feel good in your clothes and that is all that matter. Who cares? We might in Switzerland, just go abroad to bigger cities and you will see that nobody is caring about what you are wearing. I don’t care to mix colors, styles or show a…

  • Free the Purple

      Is really wearing no bra a big of a deal? I mean seriously, this is the best thing ever. No pressure, just a feel of freedom, at least in my opinion. I guess it is just a habit that you have or not, and I probably get used to it by wearing only lace and loose bralettes. Backless tops are my favorite; beautiful, sexy and elegant that would be sad to cut them out in the middle with the line of a bra, Right? Outfit: Sunnies: Dolce&Gabbana Top: Zara Bag: Bought in a market Trousers: Zara Ballet flats: Uterque