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The Pure Thanaka Powder – Argo Naturals


Hii guys! I haven’t posted for a while, but please, blame it on my finals exams and enjoy this new article! :)
Summer has finally come, and I’m officially in vacation, which is great! But first, let come back to my skin routine for this two past months! As, I just explained to you, I had my exams and was pretty stressful during this whole month of june, but luckily, spoiled by Argo Naturals, here we go with the skin care; The Pure Thanaka Powder!
Not only good by his natural aspect, but the powder can be used in different ways, such as,  a facial mask or cleaning or just as a face powder. I adore the facial mask! Feeling just great after using the Thanaka Powder.. and very, very relaxed. Your skin becomes really soft after a few days!!
Furthermore, I used it a lot as a face powder, with the suntan, the Thanaka will just unify your skin and make it radiant! Go for Natural and Beauty! Enjoy

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