Silhouette stays fit!

September is equal to Fashion Week such as the beginning of semester at universities. Summer is already over and we are back on track! Concerning Fashion, Fall is made to layer so we won’t show off too much of our skin anymore. But still, staying fit is important to us, right? Okay… if you are not so into sports, you can always try some help with the manual massages of Martine de Richeville institute.

I have tried one session with Martine de Richeville program treatments and I have to say, I have been totally convinced! So firstly, Martine de Richeville is all about remodelling. Called after the name of its creator Martine de Richeville, she opened on an international level her institute for facial and body treatments through remodelling techniques. Of course don’t expect your body to change brutally after one session, but you will definitely feel a different, mostly in a psychic way. I mean that you will definitely feel the pain concerning your first massage, not so agreeable but not hurting at all. The manual massage by hand will work on the body’s tissue. Focussing on the cellulite, you will feel little plucking during the massage.

I didn’t see the transformation after the first time, but I can assure you that it made my day. I was traveling a lot and in between I had the chance to pass by Martine de Richeville Institute in Geneva. After the session, I was literally feeling lighter and my mind was amazingly “free”, like away from the stress that I had and definitely more relaxed than before. I could also realized that I got cellulite where I couldn’t even see it, and never imagined… embarrassing I know… ;)

Anyway, I think it is a really nice way to reshape your silhouette by these hand manual massage techniques. Of course, it is a process that takes time to occur, but I truly think that it could really help for special zones. And don’t forget to practice some sports and eat in a healthy way! ;)


Pictures from the office in Geneva


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