Moët&Chandon x Swiss Indoors


A little bit less than a month ago, I had the chance to assist to the game between Roger Federer and Mikhail Kukushkin at the Swiss Indoors, in Basel, Switzerland. It was the first match that Federer played for the tournament and he won it hands down, by the way he won the tournament as well ;). It was great to see him playing for real. Okaayyy…not that he usually doesn’t play for real, but by opposition to the TV I was way more captivated by the game, especially when you realize how loud is the noise of the tennis ball. 

I used to play tennis as a teenager and I was super happy when I received the invitation for attending the Basel Indoors, from Moët & Chandon.  I mean, there is nothing better than going to see a game of the best tennis player, in Switzerland, drinking some glass of champagne while chatting with good friends. I literally had a blast! I spent a lovely moment at the Moët&Chandon private lounge, located in the Village of the Basel Indoors, with other bloggers! Sharing good times and your passion with passionate and amazing people, is just the best you can find! Here you will find some of pictures of this perfect evening. 

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