Tag Heuer at BaselWorld

Connected Watch

As you may have noticed I particularly enjoy the Swiss watch Maison, Tag Heuer. I have been to several events and I am still amazed at their new ideas or featuring in order to keep it up with the younger generation. As I am part of this numeric generation, I feel the brand and could totally picture myself wearing an Aquaracer or a Carrera, but I guess this is not the time to question myself yet.  Let’s come back to our «moutons» ; Tag Heuer at BaselWorld. Of course, I was part of these curious people, after having listened and watched Mr. Jean-Claude Biver press conference, in New York last November, I wanted to discover and touch the famously connected watch. Therefore, I had a meeting at the Tag Heuer Pavilion. It was a full house, so many people were in the bar slash lounge area, cheering with a coupe of champagne, other were discovering the novelties and we found us some free space. The new collections are « canon », a mix of hot and amazing in French, I especially fell for the Aquaracer Lady 300 Mètres fully made out of ceramic. There is a model in all white everything, and another in all black everything, how cool is that? Of course, I would go for the one in black, but, at my biggest surprise, I preferred another watch from the collection, which is also in black with a pink gold appliqué around the dial. Just sublime.  I also had the chance to test the connected watch for real, no kidding here. I like very much the idea that the watch keeps an aspect of a watch with a cutting-edge side with its touch screen and connected function, more appropriate to the youth fond of technology. A cool concept is that you can actually have different dial from Tag Heuer watches, and not necessarily having these lightened all the time. Cons; the watch looks just too big and a bit too « manly » on my little and skinny wrist.  Looking forward to discovering some next models, maybe some Lady Connected Watch?

Jorge from JSBG

Aquaracer Lady 300 Mètre 35mm

Connected Watch


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