Xmas Shopping List at Globus

I love holiday season! Christmas is so joyful! It’s all about spending days with your family, sharing some lovely moments and good food as well ;). Also, it is synonym to me to be in the mountains on the slopes, enjoying the fresh air and the amazing landscape of the Swiss Alps. Christmas is so magical to me. I love walking in any city and being surrounded by incredible shiny decorations and colors that make the end of the year so beautiful and cheerful. In December, I always listen to some jazz music and playlist of Frank Sinatra and Ella Fitzgerald, what else? Also, having a tree well decorated at home is the best. So, if you are looking for idea of gifts or even cute and funny christmas tree ornaments I have made a little selection from the Swiss store, Globus, which celebrates a Natale Italiano (Italian Christmas). Be ready for kitsch but cute items and famous Italian Designer products.  PS: I think my favorite christmas tree ornament is the little Proscuitto (ham), don’t you think so? ;)

  1. Imperiale: Glasses      2. Globus: Candle      3. Globus: Tree Decoration      4. Kartell: Light       5. Kartell: Chair      6. Kartell: Chandelier      7. Inge Glas: Tree Decoration       8. Alessi: Plate       9. Globus: Candle       10. Globus: utensils/spoons     11. Inge Glas: Tree Decoration


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