Beautiful ODYSAY

You probably have seen the previous article sharing my experience at the 5 lounge rooftop of the Métropole Hôtel in Geneva. As many of you saw my stories on my snapchat channel (fashionboho) a few weeks ago, I did spend the weekend at the hotel. It was truly beautiful. I totally fell for the design of the hotel. The room is 100% connected and just so well designed. The architecture of the building remains though and that is why it makes the hotel so special. Take the high ceilings for example, so classic and elegant they bring so much space to the room while keeping a young and modern spirit. I definitely crushed on the character of the room. You know how much I enjoy interior design and for one of the few times, I really felt like home. Not that my home is entirely decorated with design furniture but the style fits my taste, totally! 

I will share an article about the hotel itself including this magical room, no worry. You will have a glimpse of the room and its view, which is between you and me to die for, on the following photographs. To go back to my feelings, I was dreaming. First, the room then comes the dress. Literally, I never had fittings with incredible dresses in a beautiful hotel room. I am wearing Alénior, a light pink nude dress from ODYSAY. I could I say..? Made out of silk it feels like a second skin. Plus, the cut of the dress is simply elegant and easy to wear it casually as well. I love a backless dress, it is so much more chic than a v-neck. I feel that informal wedding dresses are getting more and more trendy, maybe, because of the wedding season, but why not combine them differently in order to re-wear them?


Dress: Odysay

Watch: Rosefieldwatches

Rings: From muti <3

Sandals: Zara

Pictures by Fortunat Lüthi

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