Menswear is fine to wear


When you are hanging out with your boyfriend, the weather is not as good as expected and it gets cold, take his sweater and turn it into a scarf. I mean that is what I did back in Berlin. I have no problem having bare legs when the days are becoming colder, but my throat is certainly more fragile. I actualy liked the sweater combined with my outfit. 

I am loving this skirt from Diesel fall collection. Its a reversible skirt, the other side has a pony hair effect, which looks so good, but the weather was not that cold yet. I think so interesting when you can wear one piece with totally different look, color or texture. By the way if you remember one of my blog post about Berlin, I shot the jacket from the collection also reversible, and I believe that crazy looks could be created. 




Sunnies: Dolce Gabbana

Sweater: Ralph Lauren

T-Shirt: Zara

Skirt: Diesel

Loafers: Zara

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