Final Act with KENZO

This dress is quite of a statement; colorful with incredible patterns, I mean it is a killer. But wait! We are November 3rd! You know what it means?! The capsule collection KENZO for H&M is finally OUT TODAY and will be for sale in selected stores worldwide as well as online on H&M’s website. I am sharing this final look from the collection, and I like to call it “the final act”, isn’t it super theatrical? Indeed, at least while shooting it. Okay, that idea was probably one of the worst planning that I did. You know, in Switzerland there are usually in October or November, what we call “Messe”, it’s like fair, and there was the Autumnal fair in Lucerne. I thought that it would be so much fun to be in the middle of the crowd with this dress, surrounded by lights from the different carnival attractions. Well, guess what? When we arrived at the main station to shoot, there was not the fair anymore… Ops’s. So, we had to improvise, I thought that the vegetarian restaurant Tibits would fit with those walls, and we went there and shot there, while people were eating there. That was quite of an act no? Anyways, I love the result and the dress!



Belt: Vintage

Boots: Public Desire


Pictures by Fortunat Lüthi


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