Le panier en Osier

Le panier en osier is THE one cute bag that you need to get this summer. Whether if you are on holiday by the Mediterranean sea or in a big metropolis as I am, this is the perfect acolyte to any outfits – I swear! So, you know.. I love thrift stores, and there is this famous one in here called, Beacon’s Closet which I used to go back in 2011. And you know what..? It’s still the same – simply great! If you are looking for cheap and renown designers or any vintage treasury you should definitely go. My bag has no tag from where it is unless that is has been made in Hong Kong. 

They have different locations in New York… the biggest one is in Greenpoint and it’s BOMB! Be ready to search for clothes, shoes, and accessories though. I understand that sometimes we get lazy to look for clothes and get impatient, but really it’s worth it! ;) 



Sunnies: The Row

Sweater: Gucci  via  Beacon’s Closet

Trousers: Ralph Lauren via Beacon’s Closet

Bag: Vintage  via Beacon’s Closet

Loafers: Uterque

Pictures by Miranda Starcevic




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