• Baba Chic

    During these hot days of summer there is nothing else better – when you don’t have your own pool to dive in, than dressing up with large and loose dresses. This feeling of freedom and lightness is the best! And this is exactly what I felt during this shooting.  Of course having the dog, Lemmy, next to me was fitting perfectly the atmosphere of the shoot and the look, in spite of the fact that he didn’t want to stay calm, but was craving for sniffing all the smells around us.  Outfit : Hat: Caroll Dress: Lavand. Booties: Sandro Paris

  • Fringed out!

      Fringed are out and no need to freak out! I always loved wearing fringed clothes, bags or even shoes, even though I kind of stopped these recent years. Bohemian looks are still the best to me, so pretty and could be at the same time really modern!  I am so in fond of these cute mules! I think that they are my heels for the summer. Classy and discrete while offering me the chance to get some centimeters higher, these are truly the coolest!  Outfit: Sunnies: Cerjo Blouse: H&M Short: Suncoo Paris  Bag: Zara Mules: Mango

  • Gypsy Soul

    Summer times doesn’t rime with festival and beach party, but it should! Summer is on and so are flower crowns – way too cute, everyone should have one! These bring some summer-like or boho touch to your outfit, make always a good impression and are pretty! As I couldn’t find the perfect one, I decided to create my own flower crown for my holidays! Here we go with the DIY! What you need:  – A reel of green plasticized wire                                      – A green scotch tape               –…

  • Vintage Suede Shirt

    Summer was just around the corner, it is raining cats and dogs outside and I am sharing with you today a spring outfit. Firstly I would like to say that I am so not into white trousers. I used to hate them and make fun of them, but once I bought this one… I don’t know why, I was curious.. I guess, and actually I like wearing it! Secondly, I wanted to wear something bright with this vintage suede shirt. Denim would have been more classic and totally hype, but I went for a white jeans. Thirdly, I mixed these vintage daim/leather pieces (I am talking about the bag and…

  • BoHo Mood

      Bohemian is Back, just as Spring is back! The flowers are now in every corners, and you feel like you should threw your jackets and booties away. Wait… there is this famous dictum, which says; “Till April’s dead, change not a thread!” Anyway, the weather is good, the sunny is shinning and the flowers are smelling incredibly good, so you can switch your wardrobe into spring’s outfits. I bought these amazing flared trousers few months ago, back in Miami, but I had to wait until now for wearing and “enjoying” them. I like the pattern of it. It was the perfect and sunny day for matching these with a crop top and…