Secret Love



I recently received this amazing Curl Secret from Babyliss and I directly adopted it! I mean, I saw some videos about it few months ago and was pretty septic about it… The fact that locks could get stock in it kinda calm you about this “curler”. But luckily I never block any locks of mine in the Curl Secret – I touch wood! Of course, as it is written on the package, you must comb your hair and take tight locks one after the other and it is done!

Before testing this craycray invention I wasn’t really into curly hair, or maybe I was, but too lazy or too scared to curl them… I burned myself a few times with traditional machine to curl and was not ready to do it again, but now with that magical one from Babyliss I am safe! 

I seriously love it! Easy to manage, anti-burn and the result is just perfect! I wanna to share with you some pictures of my latest test with this one :) 


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