Khaki Green with Bubbles

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Okay, so this happened two weeks ago, when I attended the Art Exhibition in Geneva called, ArtGenève. If you are familiar with ArtBasel, it is kind of the same. Galleries are showing off paintings, sculptures and installations. To be honest I enjoy art a lot, even though I don’t always understand everything of it. I guess it is part of the game and the most surprising is that I appreciate monochrome paintings… is this weird? Common! Be open minded! 

Anyway, I was delightfully invited to spend a lovely evening discovering Art and sip some delicious champagne with Ruinart. I also learnt that little white transparent bottles are not there for drinking, but as lovely ornaments.  If you try to get some, you will figure it out quickly that you should not. By taking a bottle for getting a cute picture for my Instagram account I heard the sound of a little marble swimming around. This little one is there for preventing any drinker to open   and try it. Champagne need to be conserved in dark bottle, haven’t you noticed it? Me neither ;).


Coat: Vintage Loden 

Shirt: Urban Outfitters

Watch: DKNY from Fossil

Skirt: Diesel (SS16)

Clutch: Sandro

Over the Knee boots: Anna Field from Zalando

Photographs of me by Valou

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