Half Bun a Day

Okay, so I have been doing this half bun since I wasn’t expecting my hair to be that short. I guess it is fine because they will grow fast, as it is for me usually, but more seriously, I like this haircut, although I am not feeling it 100 per cent. It is always the same thing, one day I cannot see and do my hair as I want, so I just go to the hairdresser and cut them. Then, I am happy for a while and comes the moment when I doubt, still trying to figure out if I prefer my hair to be long or short. I would say that shorter hair makes you look actually older, at least for me, but I missed my long and messy hair.  Any comments?



Sunnies: VIU Eyewear

Choker: From Aliexpress

Bone Necklace: LoveIs

Dress: Zara

Socks: COS

Sneakers: Gazelle – Adidas


Lipstick: Kylie Cosmetics




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