• Attendant Coffee House

      Attendant Coffee house is one of my favorite coffee place in London. I have been to different ones in the neighborhood of Shoreditch, but this one has marked me under many forms. I juste love the kind of food and drink they offer on their menu, the design and the atmosphere! If you have the chance to cruise around Shoreditch you must go there for having a cappuccino or lunch. Here, just a few pictures of the coffee house and our breakfast. Just a cool environment to hang out! :) Don’t forget to show up if you have the occasion, you will adore it!

  • The Lazy Ones Bound

    Last time I flew to London I had to stop by The Lazy Ones boutique – my favorite shop in Shoreditch ever! I always find super cute pieces without ruining myself! Edgy and cool resume the atmosphere of the shop. You might have noticed that I am wearing the exact same long coat as the grey one, bought few month ago, seen in previous posts. Sorry, not sorry – I couldn’t resist to this beige/camel one! Plus, it was freezing back in May in London, so I had the chance to wear it while cruising around town.  If you have the opportunity to walk by the lovely and best London’s…

  • Endless Love

    Velvet power! It is okay to wear a velvet jacket even during spring time! A short article for sharing my endless fondness to this vest! Deep deep in love with this bomber jacket, since I got it! The velvet and its color just make it so special! A funny thing about it, is that most people who complimented it were boys! Anyways, love it, and you will discover more looks combined with it! Outfit: Sunnies: Retrosuperfuture Bomber: Sandro Sweat: Mango Short: Zara Booties: Vagabond Bag: Vintage Longchamp  

  • Around the Corner

    Last Week-End, I flew over the british capital and couldn’t be more happier to be back in the beautiful and edgy city of London! It was so exciting to be there for the London Fashion Week, as my very first time at a real Fashion Week! I stayed in Shoreditch, which was very pleasant. I would call it like the Williamsburg of London. This neighborhood reminds me so much of Willi, for its coolness and easy going way of life. As a reinvented old industrial zone with many artists and cute places to go, as much as, flea markets, coffee shops, restaurants, or clubs and galleries, Shoreditch is full of…