• Free the Purple

      Is really wearing no bra a big of a deal? I mean seriously, this is the best thing ever. No pressure, just a feel of freedom, at least in my opinion. I guess it is just a habit that you have or not, and I probably get used to it by wearing only lace and loose bralettes. Backless tops are my favorite; beautiful, sexy and elegant that would be sad to cut them out in the middle with the line of a bra, Right? Outfit: Sunnies: Dolce&Gabbana Top: Zara Bag: Bought in a market Trousers: Zara Ballet flats: Uterque

  • Cool Attitude

    Summertime is made to wear cute dresses with comfortable sneakers! The cool attitude comes from feeling good in his shoes and enjoying life, isn’t it what summer is supposed to make us feel like? I love mixing dresses – they might be oversized, shorts, tights or longs, it doesn’t matter, but worn with baskets create this cool kid attitude and summer’ vibes. Concerning my adidas, I got them years ago for not saying ages. Throw back, I used to dance with them… Yes, I always been a kinda hip hop girl and I wouldn’t have ever thought I would wear them again like everyday shoes! This is what I like…