Remember Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears wearing denim on denim? I hated this combo for such a long time… ahahha but I recently re-discovered a double denim look, and trust me it can be very cute. Okay, the shooting is stating “welcome to Lucerne, what a beautiful city!” – sorry about the super tourist location, but the sun was out – for once, and the spot is pretty amazing though. If you will ever visit Lucerne, this is it. It is most definitely a postcard city, no kidding here, tiny, very very touristic and truly beautiful. I usually do not shoot in the middle of the sightseeing spots, but I…

  • Baba Chic

    During these hot days of summer there is nothing else better – when you don’t have your own pool to dive in, than dressing up with large and loose dresses. This feeling of freedom and lightness is the best! And this is exactly what I felt during this shooting.  Of course having the dog, Lemmy, next to me was fitting perfectly the atmosphere of the shoot and the look, in spite of the fact that he didn’t want to stay calm, but was craving for sniffing all the smells around us.  Outfit : Hat: Caroll Dress: Lavand. Booties: Sandro Paris

  • Endless Love

    Velvet power! It is okay to wear a velvet jacket even during spring time! A short article for sharing my endless fondness to this vest! Deep deep in love with this bomber jacket, since I got it! The velvet and its color just make it so special! A funny thing about it, is that most people who complimented it were boys! Anyways, love it, and you will discover more looks combined with it! Outfit: Sunnies: Retrosuperfuture Bomber: Sandro Sweat: Mango Short: Zara Booties: Vagabond Bag: Vintage Longchamp  

  • Da Bomber Jacket

    Hi Guys! I’m so happy and excited to share my new and beloved Bomber Jacket with you today! I love velvet in any pieces of clothing; from the headband, to the light vest, through the comfy leggings or now, with this amazing green/blue bomber jacket! So, I’ve been waiting for this moment for a while now… hihih! I have to admit that I love SALES, I mean who doesn’t? ;) I can tell you that you can get some serious bargains with Sales; you juste need to be a little bit patient and of course lucky with sizes! haha :) Since I’m very happy about this perfect and noble green/blue…

  • Chic & Furry

      My first post with my beloved sunglasses, the SoReal from Dior. These sunnies make the whole outfit! I mean, you could wear any piece of clothing you could find, you’ll still look so good wearing the SoReal Dior..ahahha! After writing that down, I hope that you don’t really think that I’m wearing random stuff, right ;)? I allowed myself to combine stripes. I like the match of these two striped pieces together! Navy blue with white is the perfect combo! I like the fact that they’re similar and at the same time totally different from each other! Plus to these chic sunnies, I’m wearing a lovely and vintage fur…

  • Back Home into the Cold

    After the sun from Florida here we go again with the cold weather of our beloved freezing Switzerland. It’s just happened, this blue door might have reminded me a little bit of the blue ocean of my last vacation. Anyways, love this blue as a background, and I’m wearing a cutie faux fur coat that I purchased at Fizzen in Zürich few weeks ago. I love Fizzen, especially their shop in Frau Gerolds Garten, which is one of my favorite place in Züri, just next to the Prime Tower or the Freitag shop. I like the mix between the oversized coat and this fake leather leggings, which is simple, sober and minimalist. Plus, my lovely…

  • Ankle Boots

      Finally, I got some new pictures with my lovely ankle boots from Sandro :))).  Outfit: Tank top: Zara Shorts: BrandyMelville Ankle boots: Sandro Bag: Vintage Angiolo Del Gobbo