H&M just presented their new Spring & Summer 2017 Studio Collection yesterday in Paris. I had the chance to shoot some of the pre-released pieces from the collection in collaboration with H&M. I took advantage of the incredible atmosphere of the rooms at the wonderful Victoria-Jungfrau hotel in Interlaken. I love ruffle dress, top, and sweater, and I like to define those ruffle apparels as “Louis XIV Style”. So, no need to say that the dress matches perfectly the stunning room of the hotel.  I especially love the combination of both romantic and sporty clothes that the collection #HMStudio does englobe this year. I think it is a perfect mixture of…


    Bomber jackets are my thing and you probably know it already. I do have a pastel fake fluffy bomber, so I could not go away from that one when I first saw it! I love its pattern and combination of colors with the tiger in the back. Nothing more to add, except that the collection will be out on Thursday!  Outfit: Bomber Jacket: KENZO X HM Turtleneck: Zara Skirt: Topshop Over the knee boots: Anna Field

  • Free the Purple

      Is really wearing no bra a big of a deal? I mean seriously, this is the best thing ever. No pressure, just a feel of freedom, at least in my opinion. I guess it is just a habit that you have or not, and I probably get used to it by wearing only lace and loose bralettes. Backless tops are my favorite; beautiful, sexy and elegant that would be sad to cut them out in the middle with the line of a bra, Right? Outfit: Sunnies: Dolce&Gabbana Top: Zara Bag: Bought in a market Trousers: Zara Ballet flats: Uterque

  • See-through in Prenzlauer Berg

    I shot this look when we were in Berlin. I love see-through tops. I mean a black, lace, see-through top, how could I resist? There is no way that I would. I truly think that transparency with lace isn’t vulgar at all, but very sexy and chic. Can’t we be sexy? My point is that I wore this exact same outfit just before leaving to Berlin. I left Lausanne, took the train to Zürich to meet up with my friend Marina, she is also a blogger and finally went to Lucerne to grab some stuff for the weekend. I wore this outfit in three different cities and I can assure…

  • Mini-Me

    Have you ever asked you the impact that you have in life and on other lives? I guess not so many of you, and before blogging, I certainly hadn’t realized it either. While growing up with the blog I did remark something: everyone is constantly inspiring and influencing others and that is what I love. I should say, thank you Internet as well, but that’s another story. I love being inspired by anything, from art, to street or magazines – not only fashion ones, from friends from epochs or traditions. In this gigantic world, there is me, mini-me, creating my little bubble of style and lifestyle in the hope of…