As I just came back from Berlin, where, Forti and I had a blast, I wanted to share another dimension of our home. Nor Basel, Lucerne, St Gallen or Lausanne, but our lovely bubble in the middle of and crowded Alexander Platz. If you already have been in Berlin, you will totally understand and if not, just picture Alexander Platz as a busy, touristic and very central place. If you have seen some photographs from Berlin you probably saw the TV tower located in Alexander Platz. It was the first time for Forti to discover the German capital and maybe the fourth time for me. As always, big cities changes…

  • Casual Amsterdam

      Outfit: Soeder Beanie / Tote Bag from the Stedeljik Museum / H&M Crop Top / TopShop Jeans / Maje Coat / Adidas Low Sleek Model    Casual style, while exploring this magical capital. I went to the Stedeljik Museum, which is a modern/contemporary art and design museum in Amsterdam, where I bought the Tote bag, as you can read. Their shop is full of designed and cool stuffs, since you’re there you should definitely visit the museum!  I love Art in general and this visit was very interesting and inspiring! My old and low sleek Adidas are actually pretty cool and very comfortable, I used to wear them back when I was dancing some Hip-Hop… Ahahhaha. It’s…

  • Winter is finally here

    I was waiting impatiently for the snow in NYC, cause for me, Christmas without snow is not really Christmas! It is only when I came to Toronto this week that I was finally satisfied. I have visited Toronto (The CN Tower, AGO Museum, Swarovski’s Tree at Eaton Center etc..) with my family. Of course, we went to the Niagara Falls, which are just amazing!

  • New York Please

    Hi guys! I’m in New York city right now and it’s way too crazy! This Town is so amazing, you have so much things to do and opportunities! I share with you just a few pictures from the town. I love this city and I am so happy to be there! Museums, galleries, small boutiques and shops, and of course a multitude of cute coffee shops!