• It’s freezing but I’m hoping for the best

    PJ are a big trend right now, from silk blouses to kimono dresses and trousers, you might like them or hate them. I guess it is either one way or the other. I can understand that it feels weird to wear a pyjama to go out, but have you ever realized that you can totally up dress your PJ?  Here is one of my PJ look when I stayed in Milan. Remember the latest blush outfit? Yes, the blouse is also a top part from a pyjama ensemble, and mixed with the dress you would have never thought, right? ;) Don’t be afraid to try out, it is probably the best…

  • Experience with Diesel Black Gold at Milan FashionWeek

    Okay, so the fashion month still gets one week to go and I can assure you that it is pretty insane. I haven’t seen or been everywhere but going to shows just takes your adrenaline to the next level. All the catwalks are happening in different areas of the city (center). So no need to tell you how stressful it is to get on time from one show to the other. Actually, you don’t need to be on time, because Milan Fashion Week tolerates about 30′ to 45′ delay for each show. I mean when you think of it, it is not such a long time, everyone needs to get photographed…

  • My Landan & Milan Fashion Week Crushes

    I know it is Wednesday and I haven’t posted any articles on Sunday, but here there is, combining all my favorite looks from London and Milan Fashion Week. PFW has started but I will report that on Sunday! Now it is time to enjoy all these sublime creations! London FW: Topshop Unique BurberryProrsumHunter Original Joseph Pringle of Scotland Paul Smith Milan FW: Etro Fay Fendi Jil Sander Dolce & Gabbana Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini Trussardi All pictures credit by style.com


    New York Fashion Week is over and Landan is calling ! As I couldn’t make it to the big apple this September, I followed the fashions shows with curious and sparkling eyes. Attending NYFW, three years ago in February, I can assure you that the city becomes even more special than ever! Anyway, today is Sunday and therefore I selected some of my favourite NYFW Looks: J.Crew                 Tibi         Osklen     Jil Sander Navy All pictures from www.style.com